The customer may opt to manage the issuing of vouchers and resulting collection of cash themselves, Ekhwesi has several options available to facilitate this based on the specific installation.

Paper Tokens – These are used if a customer has 1 or 2 meters. Paper tokens are generated for each meter (Tokens are meter specific) which will be sold directly to the tenant. The customer needs to specify the Rand value and Rate for each token. Tokens are ordered from Ekhwesi and kept by the landlord or property manager. The tokens are then sold directly to the tenant as and when they are required. When token levels are running low you simply order another batch via email. Tokens are generated with a fixed rate per KWH.

Scratch Cards – This option is used if a customer has multiple meters and for a customer who wants to manage their own revenue collection. The scratch cards come in denominations of R50, R100 and R200. Scratch cards are allocated to specific entities and will only be able to be used on meters registered to that specific entity. A standard rate SMS will need to be sent to redeem the voucher. Scratch Cards are sold in minimum quantities of 100 cards per denomination (box). Scratch cards operate on a live, web based platform and as such can cater for fixed and step type tariff structures.

Self Managed Software Option - Property managers/landlords with large portfolios have the option of making use of our unique, in house vending software which they can access on site, manage, generate and print tokens. This software is installed on the clients own PC whereby they have the capacity to generate tokens for their meters only, as and when required.

The landlord, property manager or reseller will need a PC, thermal label printer (available from ekhwesi) and a fast internet connection. Ekhwesi will supply web based vending software. This will allow the agent to generate and print their own tokens which they can then sell on to their tenants at their own chosen value and tariff. Ekhwesi will bill the user at the end of the month based on the number of tokens vended in that time period. This offers the property manager great flexibility and options in terms of direct control