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Ekhwesi Energy are leaders in the prepaid, sub metering industry having serviced this unique market for well over a decade. We are sub metering experts and have been at the forefront of our industry since its inception.

We supply a full range of prepaid electricity and water meters from the country’s leading manufacturers, coupled with our cutting edge, customer tailored vending solutions. Our core lines are locally designed and manufactured to meet our unique market requirements and to ensure that we promote proudly South African products.

Our customers can choose from this range of devices and vending options to find a solution that fits their exact requirements. We pride ourselves in being adaptable and capable of tailor making a package which meets any client’s needs.

From traditional subletting applications to comprehensive Smart/AMI solutions for complete revenue and utility management, from a single unit to thousands of users, we have you covered.

Our systems allow property managers, landlords, developers and municipalities, to collect revenue from the consumption of utilities onsite directly from the end user in an accessible, cost effective and hassle free manner. These solutions avoid the inconvenience and expense of unpaid bills, recovery of recurring fixed expenses and arrears.

Ekhwesi Energy can effectively remove all the hassle related to your utility management on your properties.

Customers on the other hand benefit by being in control of their utility expenditure as they only pay for what they consume.it allows them to budget for their utilities, avoid bad debts and arrears/disconnection costs. In the event of a previous debt the prepaid system allows consumers to repay their debt and remain connected throughout.

Ideal for property investors, developers, landlords and letting agents. Suitable for installation in granny flats, individual rented units, shops, stores, mini factories, complexes and sporting facilities.


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