What is electricity vending? 

What is a vending platform?

The Vending Management System is a complete factor of sale pay-as-you-go or prepaid tokens merchandising platform helping a huge variety of charge alternatives inclusive of cellular money, scratch-cards, internet, and factor of sale cellular terminals. Web-primarily based people interface is an on-hand from that any customer can access via browser. The term integrated electricity vending solutions refers to an integrated energy management system primarily for pre-payment solutions.

Electricity Vending System (EVS) is a sales billing setup for pay as you go or postpaid billing. With metering recorders set up on the unique accounts, the electricity intake facts are frequently despatched to the server quit for consolidation.

The cheapest way to buy prepaid electricity

  1. Buying in bulk is not cheaper. 
  2. Buy a Geyser Timer. 
  3. Use your appliances less. 
  4. Close the blinds.
  5. Use LED Lighting. 
  6. Use Cold Water for your washing machine.

What are the benefits of prepaid electricity?

Why Prepaid Electricity Meters Are Better

Below are the City Power Appointed 3rd Party Vendors