What do we mean by tenants? Tenants refer to those who occupy or have temporary possession of a land or property, specifically those who rent or lease a house, flat or estate from a landlord. 

Tenants are responsible for the up keep of power when using a sub- meter. The meters are installed by the landlord or contractors who are employed by the landlord. Meters help the tenants control their use of power and water by purchasing a certain amount of units or watts usually per month. This can save both the tenant and the landlord as the tenant is then responsible for what they use and how they use it without costing the landlord extra. The tenant/end user interfaces with the prepaid sub meter, paying upfront before they have access to power or water. These funds are collected before the utilities are used thereby eliminating the possibility of tenants refusing to pay after using the utilities, or falling short. Funds are then collected by the landlord/property manager and paid to Eskom or the municipality once the bill is received. This can also save potential conflict between tenants and landlords.

Tenants can make this purchase either via Easypay or Unipin enabled outlets. The below third party outlets are examples of providers:

Benefits of Sub-metering 


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